Custom PCB Design photo gallery

Here you will find pictures of some of the PCB projects we have worked on. You can find custom PCB designs for power electronics, communication systems, and embedded systems in general. To see a brief description for each board, just hover your mouse over a PCB and a legend will show. By clicking on a PCB you will see a full-screen picture. To check some of the technologies we have worked with and/or are of our interest please visit our electronics technology fields page.

For us is important to make every custom PCB design to suit our customers’ needs. Therefore, we focus not only on the electronics part but on mechanical aspects of the board as well. We design all our boards with signal integrity and EMC techniques in mind to maximize performance and minimize emissions. Also, characteristics such as shape, size, and weight are important when you are designing the enclosure. We are looking forward to work with your mechanical team, for designing the best PCBs for your product.

If you need to design a board for your project contact us today! And let’s get started with the custom PCB design for your next generation product!

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